How to apply for Payoneer & order free MasterCard & activate it?

How to apply for Payoneer & order free MasterCard & activate it?

Here you will see how you can easily open Payoneer account and get a Payoneer MasterCard and how to activate it. so if you want to successfully create your Payoneer account then read this article.



Before jumping to the climax first we should have a good knowledge of why we want to open a Payoneer account and what are the benefits of having a MasterCard.


What is a Payoneer account?


Payoneer is an online fund transfer platform. It provides the service for sending and receiving money from every part of the world. Payoneer gives you the medium to do business with each other cutting the barrier of different currencies. you can easily receive different country currency in your country currency.


Payoneer support transaction in approx 150 currencies. which gives you the ease to receive money from any country without having any worries of the transaction.


Who uses Payoneer?


Payoneer services are used by individuals as well as companies. Individual uses it to receive their payments from clients or companies like Fiverr, Upwork etc. Freelancers and bloggers are the core user of Payoneer platform as they have to send and receive payments to from international market.


Today millions of people are turning towards the area of blogging and freelancing career so this has increased the use of services of online money transfer. It is the most secure and reliable platform for sending and receiving money from one country to another in a matter of seconds.


now we know for what purpose the Payoneer account is used. Now we should know what are the benefits of Payoneer account over other services.


1. Payoneer account is easy to open


You don't need any kind of extra efforts to open a Payoneer account. the signup process is very simple and quick. you will just need to enter the required personal details, contact details, and a government proof which will be used for the verification process.


Other than this you don't have to do anything just wait till Payoneer will verify your account and will notify you through the email. Then you are all done to start using it.


2. don't have to pay any extra fee


In payoneer, you are not charged any fee. you will have to pay only for the necessary fee like the currency conversion fee. other than this there is no hidden fee which you will be asked to pay.


These benefit the new bloggers and freelancers as they start with little earning so they don't have to pay for anything extra and will keep the big amount of their earning. You can also check out all the Payoneer Fees here.


3. quick money load and money transfer



Payoneer provides the quickest way to send and receive money from all over the world. These means you don't have to wait for days to see your bank account get credited. Payoneer offers you to quickly withdraw your money in your bank account or you can load that money in the prepaid MasterCard.


This service is very beneficial who don't want to wait for their payments and do other work with that money.


4. You will get a 25$ signup bonus for new account


Ever heard of any company offering you money to create an account in their website. Payoneer is offering a $25 sign up bonus whoever creates a new Payoneer account and successfully verify it.


The steps to get a bonus is very simple. You just need to enter the personal and other details accurately and a government proof of your identity. They will verify your details and will send a mail mentioning the status of your account activation.


After all the process is completed then you become eligible to get the 25$ signup bonus. However, there is one condition to get the bonus in your account. your account should have received at least 1000$. Once this condition is satisfied your account will be credited with the bonus.


This condition should be fulfilled to prevent fake account creation.


5. get a Payoneer MasterCard


Payoneer gives you the option to get the money to your bank account or you can get it in a prepaid MasterCard and withdraw money from an ATM. Mastercard is very useful if you do a lot of online shopping. You can easily purchase any product using Payoneer MasterCard.


How to apply for Payoneer account and order MasterCard


The process to open a Payoneer account is very simple. Just go to the “” official site. Then click on the “signup” button and then you will be given a form to fill up just like any other registration form. Completely fill the form with correct information.


Do not enter fake details otherwise, your account will not get verified. Once you have filled the personal, contact and upload proof of identity government verified. This proof will be used in the verification process of your account.


In the “payment option” you have two options. Withdraw money in your bank account or by Payoneer MasterCard. So if you want to order MasterCard then select the card option for payment option.


It will take up to 2-3 business days to verify your account and then within 30 days you will get your MasterCard shipped to your provided address.


Now after the card is arrived at your address. Take it out and then log in to your Payoneer account. go to settings after that go to activate MasterCard. Just enter the card number of the MasterCard and create a unique pin to withdraw money. then click on activate. Congratulations your MasterCard is now activated and you are now all free to do anything with it.


So this was the complete article on how to apply for Payoneer MasterCard and activate it.